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With cyber crime on the rise you let Patriot PC Protection look after you.

It isn't just criminals or viruses you need be wary of online.  With today's political climate, our rights as American Patriots are being infringed upon.  Don't let politicians who want to take away your gun rights spy on you every time you purchase new gear for your weapons.  Don't let the government slip in fake news to your Facebook news feed anymore. Protect your privacy with Patriot PC Protection.  


Stop letting corporations, governments, and criminals spy on you and sell your information.  


360 Degree Full Protection

It's not just criminals who want to know what you look at online.  Corporations, governments, private security firms all have the ability to track your PC data.

With Patriot PC Protector, you are not only protected from viruses and spyware but, you also get your PC the tools it need to perform at optimal levels.

Protect Yourself From Online Spying
Stop Major Corporations From Selling Your Data

Unscrupulous people want to sell your information, from your social security number to which websites you visited.  It's an easy financial gain for companies to know every detail about you.  Stop that from happening with Patriot PC Guard.

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer


Real patriots never sleep, and neither do we.  We are here to protect and look after your personal computer, tablet, or phone.  We created this program to help serve our fellow patriots who want to be free from the broken system.


We created this to protect our American way of living.  We want all American Patriots to be aware and protected from the threat of losing our basic constitutional rights.  Is FREE affordable enough for you?